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Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keeffe, Carmel, 1976. This is an image from 35mm that I was never able to print successfully without getting into multiple contrasts. There was a great deal of flare coming from the window behind O’Keeffe. If I got the contrast right for Ansel, everything else had way too much contrast. If I got O’Keeffe right, Ansel was just a dark gray mess. This mask essentially allowed me to make the print using four different contrasts. The sky area printed at the basic contrast set in the enlarger. Magenta dodges whites more than blacks, so contrast was increased in that area. Yellow dodges blacks more than whites, so contrast was decreased in that area. The mix of magenta and yellow simply dodged that area without much change in basic contrast. I still had to do some traditional burning and a bit of pre-exposure, but the mask gave me the contrast control I needed.